StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Anti-Wrinkles Night Treatment – Review

It’s Never Too Late to Achieve Youthful Beauty

At the age of 35, I am already kind of frustrated whenever I think about doing the necessary regimen my face needs. Though I am already used to applying my favorite beauty products every day and every night, I felt like there is still something missing in my beauty regimen. Since I was younger, my eye bags have become my problem, but thankfully, I could always find ways to conceal it. But when I grew older, lack of sleep is inevitable, especially when you need to take care of your kids, do the household chores and even survive a part-time job. I want to maximize my life, earn a good living and take good care of my loved ones, but my eye bags make me somewhat sad and inferior every time it shows on my face.

When a good friend of mine reminded me that there's nothing wrong with becoming beautiful even at this age, I realize that there’s still hope. In fact, we all have the right to remain confident with ourselves, and stay radiant and blooming for added confidence and inspiration. So I tried looking for products and took the risk of spending more than my allotted budget for personal expenses, but some products really simply disappointed me. I tried switching to beauty products sold online, but I just got the same result. I purchased another natural product from Philosophy, but though this product works, it seems to not compliment my face, because the wrinkles and signs of old age are still evident.

Miracle for Individuals in their 30-40s!

I almost gave up when I saw StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment and tried it. It has become my habit to put this every night, expecting great and far better result than the ones I’ve tried before. Thankfully, its unique anti-aging capability does not only minimize the look of the dark circles around me eye, but it also removes the signs of aging. This amazing combination is a great news for me! I finally found a product worth shedding my hard-earned money for.

After using the product for 2 weeks, friends gradually realized my radiant look and confidence, I was kind of conscious, but I decided to share with them the secret, that is StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment.

PROs and CONs

To give an unbiased review, listed below are the summarized PROs and CONs of the product in bullets, if you are planning to use it:


· does not only minimizes dark circles, but also your fine lines

· with even added features like fixing your skin tone and firmness

· safe for those with sensitive skin and without irritation

· no peeling-unlike the other product I used, it's obvious that I am using something for my eyes, unless I wash it

· gives a toned look and a smooth texture


· though it minimizes the dark circles, it does not make it perfectly invisible

· not recommended for young ladies, because of its anti-aging abilities, these ladies will only pay for something that they do not need, esp. when the signs of aging are still not that noticeable in them

· kind of expensive- get ready to spend a little more

· The effect takes some time-it took my over 2 weeks to get the perfect look I dream of, unlike Dermarie Eye Illuminator Anti-aging Eye Cream, which only takes about a week to take effect. However, I like the results I get StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment better

Recommendation and Price

Looking at the benefits that this night treatment provides, the price, previous user's experience, the ingredients, and the reputation of the company, we greatly recommend this product.

For the price, we have always found cheaper rates and a lot of discounts over at Amazon. Do check it out and let us know about your experience.​

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