NIA24 Eye Repair Complex – Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy – Review

NIA24 Eye Repair Complex is an eye cream which penetrates your skin quickly and delivers ingredients that fight wrinkles, fine-lines, help firming, brightening, and reduce dark circles and puffiness.

If you have imperfections, darkness, puffiness, or fine lines on your skin, you can be sure that this product will help you get rid of them quickly.

It comes with NIA24’s patent formula called Pro-NiacinTM. It is clinically proven and it helps your skin boosts it’s natural repair process and rejuvenate the skin around your eyes.

If you have ever dreamt of having beautiful radiant eyes, without the wrinkles, fine-lines, puffiness, redness or darkness, this is the cream you want to use.

About NIA24 – Reputable Company

NIA24 was created by a company called NIADYNE, which is based in New York. They have been here for a very long time, and have been developing skin-care products that are based on 25 years of biomedical research and clinical trials.

Major part of their research is focused on finding molecules that are able to penetrate the skin deeply, and take care of the skin from its roots.

Scientists over at NIA24 developed a patented molecule called Pro-Niacin, which delivers Niacin deep in the skin where it enables DNA repair and builds skin barriers from inside out.

Pro-Niacin, which forms the main and important ingredient of this eye cream, has various other useful benefits. Some of them include stimulation of Leptin release, energy metabolism, and modulating blood cholesterol levels.

Beauty and skin-care products manufactured by NIA24 are very high-quality, and are commonly found at dermatologists’ offices.

Features of NIA24 Eye Repair Complex

1. It contains Pro-NiacinTM which has been clinically proven to improve your skin tone, pigmentation and help with the texture

2. It is a patented formula works deep in your skin and releases nutrients constantly. As a result, it strengthens and firms the skin around the eyes

3. Enhances collage production

4. Increases skin elasticity

5. Significantly reduces fine-lines and wrinkles

6. Fixes discoloration around the eyes with the help of Licorice and White Birch

7. Contains vitamin C

8. It also has vitamin C to minimize puffiness, and it does the job very well

9. Great moisturizing eye cream, as it contains the advance moisture complex (AMC), which works 24 hours

10. It contains a lot of other nutrients, such as vitamin E, to sooth the skin around the eyes

Pros and Cons of NIA24 Eye Repair Complex


· Matrixyl is added in the products, which is a well-known anti-aging agent

· It’s very effective at brightening and soothing the skin around eyes

· It has won numerous beauty awards

· It works and manufacturer is reputable.

· You can find a complete list of ingredients on their website.

· Their clinical research is legitimate


· There are no free trials available, so you will have to purchase the product at full price (costly, but worth it).

· It has a bit of fragrance, although please, but some people might not like it

Slightly Expensive but Works Very Well

This eye cream can be expensive and cost between 50 to 70 dollars. However, the product comes with exceptional quality and most of all, it works and does what it’s supposed to. We have found that Amazon always has the best price available, due to all the discounts they offer. Read below to see what other people are saying about this product and price.

Quality Product

It’s a quality eye cream that is developed based on 25 years of medical research. It’s well formulated and behaves very well with various skin types.

What other People are Saying About this

Recommendation and Price

NIA24 Eye Repair Cream is excellent anti-aging product that works fast and provides results within a short period of time. It’s manufactured by reputable company, and contain ingredients that are backed by clinical research. There, we definitely recommend this cream. I hope you found this product review useful.

It’s pricey, especially if you purchase it from your dermatologist’s office. We have always found the best price for this over at Amazon. Click here to view the price on Amazon.

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