Murad Resurgence Anti-Aging Renewing Eye Cream – Review

If you want an eye cream that target wrinkles, fine-lines, puffiness, darkness and other signs of aging, then Murad’s Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream is for you. It’s designed specifically for the delicate skin around your eyes which hydrates, firms, and brightens it in a short period of time.

It’s formulated with palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, which helps reduce mid to deep wrinkles around the eyes. It’s very effective on crow’s feet in particular. Almost everyone who used this eye cream in the past noticed reduced puffiness and brighter appearance.

Wild yam extract is one of the major ingredients of this very effective eye cream. Wild yam was used around the globe to relieve menstrual pain and child birth pain. It’s a natural remedy. As scientists study it further, they found that it’s the phytoestrogens in the wild yam which provide these benefits.

Since estrogen also plays an important role in supporting young and beautiful looking skin, Dr. Murad found that phytoestrogens would be very useful. Therefore, after many studies, non-hormonal phytoestrogens were found to significantly reduce wrinkles and provide numerous other benefits to the skin. Hence, Resurgence eye cream was formulated with non-hormonal phytoestrogens.

A Little Bit About Murad Skin Care Line

murad resurgence anti-aging renewing eye cream

Murad Skin Care products line was started by Dr. Howard Murad, who is well known as “father of internal skin care”. He’s a certified dermatologist, a trained pharmacist, and an associate clinical professor of medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

Dr. Murad has tremendous experience treating thousands of patients with problems regarding to skin. His scientific research about skin-care is tremendous.

Dr. Murad started Murad Skin Care products line over 25 years ago, back in 1989. Murad products are well-known around the world and they work!

Features of Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream

This eye cream is packed with all kinds of good ingredients that provide plenty of skin benefits. It’s one cream that does many things for the delicate skin around the eyes. Here’s a list of some of major features of this eye cream.

· Multi-active anti-aging treatment

· Firms saggy skin

· Brighten it

· Provides proper hydration

· Reduce appearance of aging

· Reduces dark circles, puffiness, redness

· Contain palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, which reduced medium to deep crow’s feet and other wrinkles

· Comes with Eye Brightening Complex that helps reduce dark circles

· No need to apply tons of it; small amount does wonders

· It’s tested on people, and not animals

Pros and Cons of Resurgence Eye Renewing Cream


· It’s very effective

· Goes very smoothly on skin; very lightweight

· Moisturizes well

· Soothes skin

· Doesn’t irritate

· Not greasy

· Softens skin

· Very good for deep-wrinkles

· Packaging is great. Control over the amount you want to dispense


· It’s pricey (check the “price and recommendation” section below to see where you can get the best deal)

· Few people with extremely deep wrinkles have reported that it takes some time to see the results

· It contains retinol. Most people don’t have any problem with this, but there are some who do experience irritation due to this. If you have tried products with retinol before, and it caused irritation, then you may want to try another eye cream instead of this one.

Price vs. Quality – Quality Wins Everytime

Compared to other anti-aging eye creams in the same categories, this product is a bit expensive. But, when you compare the quality of this product to others, it’s a clear winner. Murad is a well-established skin care line with more than 25 years of experience behind them. This product, like their other products, is good quality, and provides results. Here are some of the reviews that people have left over at Amazon.

It doesn’t matter what you age is, this cream works well and does its job. The size of the contained may be small but you only need to apply small amount of it and it lasts a long time. Here’s a 50 year old customer reporting that their product lasted five months.

Very Lightweight and Non-Greasy Eye Cream

It goes smoothly over your skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

What Other People are Saying About this Product

Recommendation and Price

Looking at the ingredients of this renewing eye cream, and good reputation of Murad, we definitely recommend this product for you to try. Brightening complex and anti-aging components do work, and effectively target deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Like we mentioned before, if you have had irritation to retinol previously, you may want to try a different eye cream instead.

You can purchase this cream from online and stores, especially dermatologist’s office. But you might not get a better deal there. We have found that Amazon has this item available at an affordable rate, and they also have discounts available all year along. Click here to view this item on Amazon now.

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