Upper Lip Wrinkles Causes and Effective Treatment Options

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Upper lip wrinkles are perhaps one of most prominent displays of aging. Unfortunately, they are largely caused by factors which are beyond our control. As time goes on, everyday expressions such as smiling, laughing, and frowning slowly make specific grooves and lines in our skin. An early onset of these particular wrinkles are also linked to genetics.

Some people inherit low levels of elasticity and collagen in their skin just as some inherit heart disease. While we can’t help our genetic makeup, or stop using our faces altogether in hopes to prevent wrinkles, there are some behaviors we can change or avoid to prevent or treat them as they appear.

What Causes Wrinkles Above Upper Lip?

The main cause behind any kind of wrinkle is a constant straining on the skin. In the case of upper-lip wrinkles, certain facial expressions, such as a constant folding or puckering of the lips, will cause more strain and therefore result in more lines around the mouth. To help prevent these specific wrinkles, consciously relax your mouth, especially if you have a nervous habit of biting or pursing your lips.

There are several facial exercises you can utilize to fully relax and retrain these muscles. If you engage in smoking, consider the fact that your mouth is constantly required to pucker, which will result in a pattern of parallel lines, often called “smoker’s kiss,” circling the mouth.

As we age, our skin also naturally loses its elasticity, leaving it more susceptible to external impressions. In addition to monitoring the use of our facial muscles, we can help strengthen our skin from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water, and ingesting healthy oils can help the skin regain some of its flexibility. It also helps to eat foods that are rich in collagen on a regular basis. Simply eating a high quality gelatin can help rebuild skin-cells and promote healthy skin-cell production.

Upper Lip Wrinkle Treatment Options

Last but not least, there are several ways to treat lip wrinkles topically. Old school methods such as surgeries and Botox injections may work for some, but many have found these methods to be too invasive, often causing more long term damage than they are worth. New laser technology is a good alternative to surgery and Botox as it is less invasive, but can be fairly pricey.

For those with small beauty budgets, a good anti-wrinkle lotion, cream, or serum can work wonders. Other more natural solutions include specific oils which can help fill and firm the skin, and egg white facials which can temporarily tighten the skin.

Check out the following video for some exercises that you can do at home to improve the condition of wrinkle around mouth.

Skin care is a multi-faceted matter, especially when it comes to aging. Remember to think expansively when you are working with your skin.

You may be able to temporarily fill those upper lip wrinkles with a quick-fix filling cream, but in order to prevent more wrinkles from appearing (or in some cases, reverse their onset) you may have to change some of your health regime habits.

Don’t be discouraged if you do see wrinkles appear, after all they are probably a result of beaming beautifully for many years! Just keep health, stress-management, and overall skin care in mind, and don’t stop smiling.

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