Eye Hope Philosopy Eye Cream – Review

If you are looking for a wise beauty investment, go for this one!


I am already in my 30s, and the signs of aging came by surprise to me. Sadly and unexpectedly, they are already beginning to take place. When I was younger, I was carefree and apply just one type of moisturizer on my face every day.

Sometimes, I even miss it. I thought that I didn't need such faithful regimens, as my skin is already smooth, soft and flawless. But what they say is true, the signs of aging are inevitable, and we have to make a way as early as possible to preserve our beauty, lest it make a bad impact in the future.

I almost lost hope, thinking that I am finally paying the consequences of my overconfidence when I was younger, until a friend recommended Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream, so I looked it up on Amazon and read on the customers' reviews.


At first, I was kind of wary, because the product's name is not known, but I saw the reviews, and majority of them are positive reviews from verified buyers, so I tried to give it a shot and spent for it. After the first few days, I am still kind of doubtful because it doesn't take effect that fast. But after a week, the results are quite evident and my friends started to notice a more radiant and blooming face in me.

I am so happy I got the chance to try Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream. I thought this was just another run-of-the-mill eye cream product that is good and effective at first but will leave you frustrated later on. But now, I am using Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream for over a month and am planning to buy more!

Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream VS other product

I also tried Andre Lorent Eye Wrinkle Cream - Day & Night Cream, thinking that through applying at night and at day, it should become more effective; but though the results are achieved in a shorter span of time, it left me frustrated and disappointed with the time and money I spent. If there is a product I would recommend my friends with, it's Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream. If it's effective on my skin, it is most likely to be effective with my friends too! It's not easy to find a product that will suit you and you will keep for life, but with Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream, I think I've finally found the right one.


· I love the container! Easy to carry everywhere and I felt like I don't waste the cream by maximizing its use.

· Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, as promised

· Works even in dark complexion, without the awkward lightening around your eyes!


· The content is few, so I need to buy more in just a short span of time

· the pump is sometimes not working well, though it just happened to me less than 3 times

· quite expensive than the others

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