Dermarie Eye Illuminator Anti-aging Eye Cream Review – Solution for “Zombie Look”

Finally! Found a Great Solution for my “zombie look”!

As we know, vitamin K is effective for the removal of veins, bruises, stretch marks, scars, and other related skin conditions for a faster skin healing, as well as to prevent or reduce bruising. I think Dermarie Eye Illuminator Anti-aging Eye Cream is really clever for adding Vitamin K to their product.

What drove me to use this product? I’ve tried about 3-4 products out there, but surprisingly, my eye bags have become even more noticeable, because instead of concealing them, it became more obvious that I was hiding them. Yikes! So after a frustrating research and not wanting to waste another dime again, I’m glad to have found this great product on Amazon. After using Dermarie Eye Illuminator Anti-aging Eye Cream for a few days, I just exhaled in relief, “finally!”

My Story

I hate it when people see me and ask me, “What happened, did you cry?” or “Looks like you didn’t have enough rest last night.” And I all the more hate it when they frankly say that I have puffed eyes. Eye bags can actually ruin a bright, radiant, and healthy look, so it makes me sad to be reminded of my flaws or weaknesses. I have no problem with my skin, my teeth and my face. I feel like I am blessed to have a good appearance, but though my eye bags barely take 25% space on my face, they sure have great impact.

Pictures also have a way of reminding me of my eye bags. Mostly, girls would say or comment, “She’s beautiful, but look at her saggy eye bags.” I cannot blame them for being honest, but it really makes me sad to be reminded in so many ways. Moreover, I am a person who loves to laugh, but whenever I laugh, my saggy eye bags become much more evident. In turn, my energy is also affected.

Some people think that it’s naïve to even think about such small things, but it actually impacts you as a person because your confidence is affected, and confidence is a key to any successful career, dealing with people, and basically everything you do.

Dermarie Eye Illuminator Anti-aging Eye Cream VS. Other Products

I’m giving this review to have a clear and unbiased judgement about how this product differ from the others. Unlike the other organic/natural products I thought would be better and more effective, Dermarie Eye Illuminator Anti-aging Eye Cream’s inclusion of the Vitamin K is more effective because I really saw the power of Vitamin K with this product.

Though the others claim to be “the BEST”, only the customers who have tried the product can give an unbiased review, based on their own experiences. I have also tried a product from Queen Bee, because it’s a little cheaper with Dermarie’s, but my thrift only left me disappointed. It sure concealed my eye bags, but it whitens the dark area of my eyes without blending to my skin tone. I realized that if I really want to go for the best and achieve real beauty, I’d go for the one with a little higher price but with the best result.

PROs and CONs:

To enumerate the pros and cons of this product, here are they:

  • great feel and smell
  • not oily
  • absorbs quickly
  • works faster than other creams, and I can say that this is more effective than others


  • Poor packaging- I feel like I am not maximizing its use
  • No safety for those with skin sensitivity, though it works well on me and you can try a small portion of it first on your hands, as with the other products
  • A little higher price compared to others

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